Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm back

It feels like longer than 9 days since I've been around. got back from Arizona safe and sound taking a detour through Newark airport to get home but we made it. I've got oogles of photo's that I just haven't processed yet. here's a few fun times.

Here we are in Sedona, we had lunch and shopped around a darling converted 'fort' with lots of artsy shops before hiking.
I love this shot of my daughter A with her fiance. It looks like she's wearing a crown of blue feathers - it's actually a gorgeous glass sculpture. (amazing that it's left outside in the elements).
We hiked everyday but these are from our hike in Sedona.
This is Bell Rock. We climbed up Bell Rock to feel the vortexes. The view from up high was fantastic.
It gets a bit scary after awhile. My crazy sis U kept climbing after I chickened out.What's been keeping me busy you ask ? well, I've been working on my jewelry piece for the Ohio Beaders Challenge. Once I complete it the piece I'll explain the challenge and show my work.

I've also been doing some late Spring cleaning. It's about time, the more I clean, the more mess and dust I see.

We made it to the plant nursery yesterday. I bought some perrenials for my back flower beds. I hope they grow so I can show all the pretty flowers I picked. Once they flower I'll take some pics and show them. and lots of annuals for my patio. I love lots ad lots of pots of flowers sitting around.

I missed my Sunday blog-hopping so I took some time before starting again on my cleaning binge and here is what I found.

Free Bird Sings
The House in the Roses ** one of my fav's today - if you have the time check out all her photo's on the right side of her blog.
Karla's Cottage
Ro Bruhn Art
Wild Sage Lampwork

Happy Memorial Weekend !!

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Paul Sears Photography said...

Great pics - I miss living in Colorado, and your pics remind me of there.