Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thank goodness for the new 'Draft' mode that blogger set up. Every once in a while, I hit the wrong button without thinking and my post I'm working on disappears. This time, it was already saved 'automatically' in draft by blogger. phew. thank your blogger, you saved me a lot of time.
Here are more bracelets I made. I had summer on my mind while working on them so they pulled in a bit of sunshine. They shimmer. lots of fun - these will be going to the consignment shop for some lucky person to find. I'm still trying to find the time to set up my Etsy shop. There sure is a lot going on! Where is that big lottery win I requested the Universe to send me?

Isn't it amazing how many different blogs are out here ?!? There are so many different interests. I found a group doing 'Doll' show and tell, there's a lot of 'vintage' interest and always some food blogs that are fun to peruse. Here's a few I found this morning during my blog-hop. Enjoy!

2nd Cup of Coffee
Abundant Curiosities
Honey Suckle Lane's Simple Joys
Many Things To Do
Saturday Finds
The Primitive Gathering


Sandy said...

I think too many of us asked the Universe to win the lottary- that there has been a crash..LOL! I agree there is a lot of eye candy in blog land. It's so much fun!P.S Thanks for visiting my blog!


Computadores said...

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Linda said...

Well, bless your sweet heart! Thanks for the link; you just totally made my day. And I love those bracelets, btw. Have a great Wednesday.

Julie said...

Ha, ha! I have requested the Universe to let them find oil on our land in western ND. Our chances are a bit better than the lottery as we did lease the land for oil and gas two years ago and exploration is really stepping up in ND. There was a big study released in April that ND has the biggest reserve of oil in the lower 48. Please, Universe, we need it now!!!!