Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alphabet Wednesday

WOW - this last week flew by !! It's already Wednesday again!!! Stop by Mrs. Nesbitt's place for more 'O' sitings.
This week we celebrate the letter 'O'. That was a bit of a tough one for me, but I start with ...
This is an Olive branch I photographed just outside San Giminano, Italy (don't think I spelled that right, but I was there in 2006.

The pretty olive gets picked in Italy, shipped to the USA. Loaded up in bins in a grocery store...
Then, the best part is when it's dropped into a lovely chilled glass of
Bombay Sapphire GIN.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Morning After

My sis U and I had a full play day yesterday. It was ALMOST as much fun as when we go visit sis A in Reston. Hi A :) We missed you yesterday!

We had gone to the bead show a couple weeks ago and played with our beads all day yesterday, with only a break for a Corona beer and Chipotle (yum) sandwich for lunch and a late eve bolw of soup and buzztime game at Tony K's.

This morning I woke up to this -- it looks like my table puked beads!

With all that creativity yesterday we ended with a bunch of beautiful pieces of jewely. Here are the pieces that sis U completed.

She also made another bracelet and a pair of earrings that she wore home that were very pretty!

Here are the pieces I made. I spent a lot of time working on one of the pieces because of the difficulty I had working with the silvery threads and re-made another of them so I have less to show, but had just as much
Here are my stops in my Sunday morning blog-hopping

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Enormity of the Sun

What is the diameter of the Sun?
The Sun's diameter is 1.4 million kilometers (870,000 miles). But to most people, that still doesn't give them an appreciation of the Sun's size.

The Sun is ENORMOUS compared to other objects in the solar system! It is so massive that is accounts for 99.9% of all of the matter in the solar system. In fact, the Sun is so big that if it were hollow, you could fit over one million Earth's inside of it!

That is amazing!! Isn't hard to even imagine, to just picture the size??

That sure puts us into perspective doesn't it ? we are smaller than ants in comparison to the sun.

The diameter of the earth at the equator is 7,926.41 miles --- 8,000 miles!! compare that to 870,000 miles!! wow

yet, there is still so much beauty and peacefulness that we can find in our own little backyard

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alphabet Wednesday - "N"

It's Alphabet Wednesday at Mrs. Nesbitt's and we are on the letter 'N'. This was a tough one.
First I'll start off with Nachos - that great Mexican appetizer.

Well, they started off as Nachos - We were already finished when I remembered to take the picture.

Next, not everyone will have because this is a multi-cultural/multi-nation event. This is a United States Nickel. It won't buy much any more, but it used to buy me a LOT of candy.
Do you recognize this Nose ? It's a famous Nose.
Why is it in my house ? I have a bust of David by MichaelAngelo in my foyer - he guards my front door. I saw his statue in Florence so I can alway remember and imagine his whole body standing in my house. Isn't he beautiful !!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thank goodness for the new 'Draft' mode that blogger set up. Every once in a while, I hit the wrong button without thinking and my post I'm working on disappears. This time, it was already saved 'automatically' in draft by blogger. phew. thank your blogger, you saved me a lot of time.
Here are more bracelets I made. I had summer on my mind while working on them so they pulled in a bit of sunshine. They shimmer. lots of fun - these will be going to the consignment shop for some lucky person to find. I'm still trying to find the time to set up my Etsy shop. There sure is a lot going on! Where is that big lottery win I requested the Universe to send me?

Isn't it amazing how many different blogs are out here ?!? There are so many different interests. I found a group doing 'Doll' show and tell, there's a lot of 'vintage' interest and always some food blogs that are fun to peruse. Here's a few I found this morning during my blog-hop. Enjoy!

2nd Cup of Coffee
Abundant Curiosities
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Many Things To Do
Saturday Finds
The Primitive Gathering

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yin and Yang

I've been reading a lot about macrobiotics. People talk about how healthy it is and how energetic they are because of what they eat. It makes so much sense. First of all, they aren't eating any crap, because it doesn't belong in macrobiotics. They eat very little fat because most of their food is raw, boiled or steamed. There is some cooking in oil, but little compared to the 'American' way of life. Fortunately for me, I love, love, love rice and beans so it's going to be easy for me to pick up some of these suggestions. I like raw carrots and lightly steamed veggies. love collards and kale. I think this could work for me. now about that chocolate habit.... oh, and maybe I can cut back to drinking wine only on weekends instead of with my nightly meal. what no cookies...? uhoh. it's going to be tougher than I thought. I don't mind eating the good stuff, the hard part is giving up the crap.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ABC Wednesday

Today is the letter 'M' for ABC Wednesday at Mrs. Nesbitt's place.

I have one and only one photo this week. I thought of many, I was going to show magazines, lots and lots of magazines and M-n-M candies - lots of them too. but.... it's been a very busy week as you can see by my sparse blogging.

so I give you .... the moon. it's Magical and Magnificent !!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a weekend!

This was a big weekend for me. Went to dinner Friday night with G and sis U. She made me some fun plates in her ceramics class.
Earlier this week, I sent a goodie package to my darling daughter. She got a new puppy, named him Rocky so I made him a collar and made her a matching headband and a bookmark too. I made a bookmark for sis U. too after she drooled over the fabric.

The Ohio Beader's Group is gathering this weekend. First, yesterday, we went to the Inter-gem / Bead show at the IX Center. It was great, lots of beautiful beads, both glass and real gemstones. Then we gathered together for a pizza dinner and I was able to meet a smaller group (since I'm new to the group).

Today, we had a big gathering at a Bead Store of one of the members . we had lunch together, then we had a gift exchange. We we're all given a secret name and we created a piece of jewelry for that person. this is the bracelet I made for the name I was given. I made a pair of matching earrings too.
I'll post the jewelry someone made for me tomorrow, I didn't take a photo of them yet. We also had a class in polymer clay. Here is the piece I made. I'll hang beads from the fringe pieces and hang it in my cube at work. It was a lot of fun and easy to do. We also had a photo inspiration challenge and we secretly voted on our favorites. 3 of the top favorites will win pretty toggles from a bead store. One of my entries is in an earlier post below.
I'm exhausted. I've got more show and tell, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Alphabet Wednesday

We are on the letter 'L' for Alphabet Wednesday at Mrs. Nesbitt's place.
I'm starting out with my absolute favorite institution - my local Library - I love books, I love the Library. I could just go in and wander around, touching books, it doesn't matter what section, I'll find something interesting to me. when I retire, I will probably volunteer at the one near my home.

At the grocery store these Lemons popped right out and begged to be photographed.
When you hear the word Lace, do you think soft and delicate? I do...

And 'G' wanted to put his two cents in and came up with LED lights - he loves them, especially the solar powered ones.

he also thought it was very important that I add in these 'Lounge Lizards' because he gets such a kick out of them. We have a local restaurant that we have dinner at on a regular basis - they are there every night, having their after work cocktails and playing BUZZTIME Trivia. We play Buzztime too and I can actually beat them every once in a while!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I completed another necklace for a photo-inspired challenge I'm participating in with the Ohio Beaders Group. This is the photo I selected from the choices we were given.

and this is the necklace I created out of the inspiration.

We had a beautiful foggy morning yesterday.
Here are some fun blogs I found while doing my Sunday blog-hopping:

Friday, April 04, 2008

I've been keeping myself busy trying to get through this cold, dreary Spring. Some Springs we get warm, bright and sunny days - this year we got the damp, cold winter hang on days. It can be depressing if I think about it. So I don't - I keep myself busy with hobbies that make me happy instead. I finished this bag finally. I even sewed in a lining with pockets! It's far from perfect, but I made it myself. My thoughts were to use it to load up when I do quick trips to the grocery or the library. Not sure yet. I like the colors though.
I bought a new lamp to put on our mantle. It's supposed to be a normal lamp that shines about 50 watts. We put LED lights in to make it a night light so it stays on all night - LED lights hardly use ANY energy watts at all.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wouldn't it be fun to fly ?

then would I be stuck eating raw fish and old food off the street ? yuk - never mind.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Alphabet Wednesday

Today we're celebrating the letter 'K' at Mrs. Nesbitts - Alphabet Wednesday.
And with celebrating on my mind I found a few fun items.
Anyone want to join in, we've got
Kahlua Ketel One and Korbel
Then I found Kermit the Frog tapping on the glass hoping to be rescued. Yes, I put my 50 cents into the machine and tried to rescue him, but couldn't catch him. It would have been fun to take my picture with Kermit the Frog.