Friday, March 28, 2008

My book challenge dilemma.

OK. here's my dilemma. I've signed up for the Young Adult book reading challenge but I'm having a hard time finding GOOD, interesting YA books that fit into the open slots I have from my 52 book reading challenge. I'm looking for YA books whose title begin with the letter C, D, F, J, M, R, X, Y or Z. Plenty of books out there. But I won't waste my time struggling through a book that can't hold my interest. If anyone is out there reading this, and you have a book suggestion for me, I would be very happy to try it.
Update Saturday 3/29
I don't usually just add to a post, but I want to keep my request for book titles up for a couple of days - I've already got one great suggestion for an 'F' titled book.
if A Fanciful Twist isn't on your usual daily reads - you have GOT to see this today! Vanessa has created some magical people with magical mushrooms and teacups and a wonderful story to go with it. Make sure you get to the bottom to see the tiny teacup set - especially the one on her baby finger. Her work is amazing!

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Anonymous said...

for F, read fairest by gail carson levine, i love it and everyone i have lent it too has loved it as well, its a good plot and its also very deep, but still fun to read!