Sunday, March 30, 2008

Like a virgin

I am a gem and bead show virgin. I have been tinkering with glass beads for the last 5 years (maybe 6) and have not made it to a real bead show yet. This year I'm going ! GemStreet USA is in town this weekend and I will be there (I hope). As if I need more beads. I don't have to buy any, but I'll be able to touch them all !!

I was planning to go yesterday - started the day helping my sister pick up a car - no I'm not that strong, I had to drive her to the mechanic's so she could drive her car back home. of course, we had to go to lunch together a grueling trip like that :) Chipotle and a beer mmmmm
~I digress ~
then I decided to do some errands real quick - stopped in JoAnn Etc. (have you ever stopped in a craft store and walked out "real quick") it's like a time warp, by the time I walked out, over an hour had gone by. Did the same thing at Walmart - another time warp.

My next stop was the library and I knew I was doomed. I love libraries. I wander around them like Alice in Wonderland. The only area safe in the library is the children's section (for now - wait till I have grand children) I even stop in the Teen / YA section since I've joined the YA book challenge. Then there's books on tape, movies, magazines that I don't get at home, cookbooks, diet books, beading and sewing books - I haven't even hit the fiction section yet and what time is it now?
By the time I leave the library - all thoughts of the bead show are wiped from memory. I remembered late last night that I wanted to go - what did I do all day?

So I'm going to try again today. I'll leave the house with a plan to go straight to the bead show - might need to put blinders on.

I made these two bracelets while sitting in the juror room waiting to be called. I don't have the style of clasp I want to put on these, so that's what I'll be looking for at the show.

Here are my favs from blog-hopping this morning...
The Romantic Home - I may have to take up soldering soon. I love Cindy's work with broken china.
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3 comments: said...

I love bead shows, so much great stuff, it is overwhelming- have fun!

A Fanciful Twist said...

Have a blast!! I know, you will feel like you have entered a parallel universe ;))))

Suburbia said...

what beautiful beads. One day when I get time(!) I would love to do some beading. Until then, I'll just look at the pictures and enjoy the colours!!