Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ides of March are upon us.

The Ides of March simply means it the 15th of March - it just sounds so much more poetic and ominus. Who knows if Julius Caesaar really said that - if he hadn't, would we remember is life and death so clearly?

Yesterday morning we woke to a beautiful fog that made you want to whisper.

What a different view from last weeks blizzard. Even though there is still a lot of snow on the ground, watching the morning dew drip from the branches

and watching the morning dove share breakfast with me is a reminder that Spring is getting closer. I am sooo ready for it!

I finished my fringed bracelet yesterday too. It ended it with a sparkly Swarovski button for the clasp. it's a lot of fun to wear. I'll bring it up to the Shoppe where I sell my work today.

G filled the M-n-M dispenser with Spring colors - I love the dark chocolate M-n-M's. They are THE BEST. I caught him with his hand in the cookie jar and he hadn't even finished filling the machine yet!

Here is the fabric I have washed and ironed - ready for my next creative project. I plan to make a grocery bag. Sometimes during our 5 mile walks - we stop at the grocery on the way home to pick up a few needed things and those plastic bags are so flimsy and rip easiy. Plus it'll be prettier and more fun to carry. If we can all start using less plastic it's better for the environment. Just trying to do my part. Also, those plastic water bottles are filling our land fills at an alarming rate, I've decided to buy less of those - kept only for emergencies now. -Can't keep them forever either, they have expiration dates so you have to watch them. {{ jumping down from my soapbox }}It

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Ruth said...

Hi Diana, thanks for stopping by my blog :) I'm glad you enjoyed my photos... now I'm enjoying having a good look at yours, especially the blizzard! Wow! We don't get weather like that here in NZ! Still at least you guys are moving into spring now, so you have lots to look forward to.


Miss_Yves said...

The photo of bizzard and the star are lovely!
Miss Yves

Miss_Yves said...

...sorry ..of "blizzard" !
Miss Yves