Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lots of surprises!

What a great day for surprises. It started with the mail. I received 2 surprises. Back in January I had won the book "I capture the castle" from Julie at Celtic Woman. Plus Julie made the surprise extra special by sending a bookmark with a 'TEAPOT' along. thanks Julie, I even have a teapot collection! very fun.
I also received my first prize from the One World One Heart giveaway. This was from Pamela at QuiltsnMore. It's a beautiful quilted fabric, feathery bookmark in this gorgeous blue with silver circles. I just love bookmarks - I've joined 4 reading challenges this year, so I'll be putting them to good use. They are well loved. thank you Pamela.
Then Sandra from ThistleCoveFarm left a comment that I won a bookmark from her from the One World One Heart giveaway! I am so glad I challenged myself to read 52 books this year. I think it triggered all the book type gifts I've won!!! what fantastic luck! Thank you Sandra!


Julie Marie said...

Wow, you are in bookmark heaven. I have been a voracious reader all my life but have not felt like reading for a few months now. I hope it is just a temporary thing. I don't know that I'll even get 52 books read this year.

I collect teapots as well. I gave my two kitty teapots away to a friend who collects them but still have a small collection. I will never give up my doggy teapot. I had a hard time resisting the spring tea set at Cracker Barrel on Saturday.

Good reading to you. With all your bookmarks you can keep several books going at once.

Hugs, Julie

Pam Aries said...

Wow1 you DID manifest bookmarks! Very Cool! ..WEll, I am walking every day... twice a week over the bridge and that is my workout routine! Not too exciting. I am still geting rid of excess junk and it feels GREAT!

Janet said...

Those bookmarks are almost too pretty to use! I love reading, and have so many bookmarks but usually end up using some scrap of paper to mark my place!

Pam Bennett said...

What pretty bookmarks. Guess what... Tag! Your it! (sorry)

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goddessvessel said...

I would hang that on my wall it is so lovely