Sunday, January 27, 2008


I've been keeping myself housebound while recovering from this awful cold. I'm trying to let my body do it's recovery thing with as little stress as possible. So I've kept myself stress-free by doing things I enjoy.

I had recently purchased some new fabrics. I hope to start another quilting project soon. Just not sure exactly what it'll be. So many choices. I did my prep work yesterday so I'm ready as soon as I decide what to sew. Yesterday I washed and ironed this beautiful pallete of spring colors. I love each and every pattern too. There is actually a de-stressing that occurs for me when I iron pretty fabrics - smoothing out their lines and wrinkles - making one straight calm piece. Do you see why I can't wait to start sewing? yet I want it to be the perfect project for these pretty fabrics.
After that I sat down and made a bracelet and earrings. March is coming quickly - in March we have St. Paddy's day on March 17, the Vernal Equinox on March 20 (first day of Spring), and Easter Sunday on March 23. That's a whole lot of colors to work with for my little area at the consignment shop I sell my jewelry at. It also means I need to start now to have my inventory ready for sale at the same time for all 3 events. Usually there's a few weeks in betweem each one for breathing room. Without further ado. here is the first in my March line up.

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