Sunday, January 20, 2008

Getting organized

I've been working on getting organized and it feels really good. I actually have more time to do the things I love. My bead desk is tidy, my computer desk is tidy, my kitchen is clean. This all puts my mind at peace.

I feel less scattered and I'm actually enjoying more beading, more blogging and more reading. Last night after finishing up two projects I've been working on -- see my necklace and bracelet (these will be sold at the consignment shop that carries my work)....

I layed down in front of the fire, with my book -no TV - and READ MY BOOK. it was so relaxing - I listened to the snap-crackle of the fire, felt the warmth it gave off and slipped into another world with my fictional characters. every weekend should be so enjoyable.


Janet said...

You're right! That sounds like heaven. I think we'll have a fire tonight as it's cold and very windy today. I just started a book so maybe that will be my evening's entertainment.

LOVE the new jewelry! I still like to look at it....I just don't wear much of it anymore.

Pam Aries said...

Hooty hoooo! Girl..I was giving up on you1 so glad to see you up and at'em. The jewlry is awesome! It's been so ccccold here..not 4 though, haha!