Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dear Blog

Dear Blog, believe it or not, I think of you often. I know you feel neglected, but I'm playing catch-up and expect to be back to being more dedicated to you soon. In the meantime, here's how I've kept myself busy.
I've been put on a 'special assignment' at work. I have 3 months to help a project team get to production. Being a 'subject matter expert' we are told to expect this from time-to-time. this is the cube I'm visiting while at the downtown office. It's plain, but I call it home.
here is what I see while walking to my temporary site. Morning and night I get to walk past Lola Restaurant and the House of Blues. You can't see the sign for House of Blues, it's blocked but it's there on this street next to Lola. If your familiar with Iron Chef on the Food Network Channel, new Iron Chef Mike Simon owns Lola. I would love to take the time to go into both places --- perhaps someday.
We did take time out this week, after a LONG day at work and a stop off at the gym. I countered all the good I did at the gym with some Wings and Beer and BuzzTime fun at BW3's.


Janet said...

Good to know you're still around! I've been doing the Creative EveryDay 2008, too plus with HB home all the time I seldom get to the computer.

Sharon said...

we miss you, just thought I'd tell you so