Monday, January 07, 2008

Being creative

I've joined another challenge for this year. Creative Every Day . I'm hoping this challenge will encourage me to be creative every day in 2008. Even though I've missed a week of blogging, I've been working on my creativity. I started a bracelet using the herringbone bead stitch. My first tries at a new stitch are usually a bit iffy. I plan on undoing this and starting over. Some of the beads I selected, don't quite fit the pattern well.
I was creative another day making a new soup. It was a ham and bean, but I added potatoes and spinach, celery and onions. Very creative, very yummy.
Today, I brought my small camera to work and took a photo of the street where the 'House of Blues' lives in downtown Cleveland. The whole street was lit up at 8:00 am as if they were still rockin' in the House. Great street atmosphere.
I'll get all my photo's posted tomorrow... I hope. It's getting late. I worked out today, ate dinner, read my emails and it's almost time for bed already!!!

I've started my What's in a Name Reading Challenge . I started with My Antonia by Willa Cather. It's going well, my problem is I read at night in bed and I've been so tired by the time I get to bed, I only get a few pages read. I'll have to dedicate a night/week reading so I can get through my books in time.

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Leah said...

yum, that soup sounds delicious!! :-)