Sunday, January 13, 2008


We finished making our beer last night. On Dec 26, we went to the Brew Kettle and started the process to create our own Dortmunder beer. Yesterday, we went back to label and bottle our beer, and of course we had to sample it.
The first steps are to sanitize and label the bottles. We had an oppotunity to create our own labels for forgot about it and ran out of time. So we were given generic labels which I like a lot. My sis and I got a little creative with the labeling.
We all took turns filling the bottles. Here my G and bro-in-law G are working at the bottling machines.
When a bottle is filled, a bottle cap goes on.

Here's my turn at the bottle capping machine.

And of course, there was the constant sampling to make sure it didn't go bad in the last 5 min.

We sampled until it was all gone.

Here I am showing off a new bracelet I recently finished during my turn at the bottling machine.

We ended up with 6 cases of 22 oz bottles of beer. and good memories. A creative way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Everytime my sis was working on a machine, I was helping her, thus no pics of my sis today.


Janet said...

That brings back aunt used to make and bottle her own beer. She did it in her garage! I have never liked beer so it wasn't any big deal to me but now as I'm older I realize what a project it was!

Anita said...

This looks like so much fun! I didn't know there were places like this... :)
Your bracelet is very pretty...