Thursday, December 20, 2007

warming up

We went to Smokey Bones for ribs the other night. Very good! There's my daughter on the left and sis with hubby and son on the right.

It's supposed to warm up this weekend so all our pretty snow will melt away. I like seeing the snow. It's a fun change of scenery.

good news/bad news I've been put on a 'special assignment' at work. It will start 1/7/08. I will be moved to another team to help them complete a project. We have 3 months to get an application up to speed. My C++ expertise has been the cause of this. There are a small number of C++ programmers left in the company I work for. Everyone is now Java or .Net. I've moved to more Java programming myself but I still have that dying expertise that is needed. Bad news is that I've become more cemented into my new team and it will feel like my umbilical cord is cut when I have to leave them. All ties to my team are cut as of 1/7 and I have to be totally 'dedicated' to the project for 3 full months. I will miss them dearly.

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