Monday, December 31, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! and 2008 Resolutions

Have you made any NewYears Resolutions? There is something magical for me to start new and fresh with resolutions on January 1. I usually stick to the basics like everyone else - I've just expanded a bit more here and there this year.

and here I go again....

Spend more time on hobbies and reading.

Try a new bead stitch every month

Complete at least 1 jewelry piece every week. Put new items on Etsy shop.

Take more pictures.

Reach / maintain weight my goal weight through exercise and portion control

Clean out old magazines

Cut back on unnecessary spending. Don’t buy it unless I absolutely need or love it.

Use up everything at home before shopping again. Clean up pantry first before refilling. Find recipes that use current ingredients.

Send e-cards to extended family instead of snail mail.

Take more pictures, at least 1/day. Print the good ones.
Work out at least 5 x’s / week
Keep house clean and organized - follow Fly Lady
Track spending
Try a daily journal.

Sunday’s –
Organize coupons, keep in car, use often.
Using 1 recipe book / week, plan weekly menu.

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Sharon said...

Great and very doable resolutions. Good Luck and Happy New Year.