Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nope, not my kitty. but it sure is cute. Maybe Santa will bring me a kitty.

My precious daughter is home for the holidays. She went from Phoenix to Chicago, her Chicago to Cleveland flight was cancelled so I convinced the reservations agent to re-route her anyway they could to get her out of Chicago since their weather was a mess and getting messier. So they put her on a flight to LaGuardia so she could catch a flight to Cleveland there. WELLLLLL, what a time I had. The flight left the gate in Chicago and sat and got de-iced and sat and waited. By the time the flight took off they would arrive in LaGuardia 30 minutes after the flight to Cleveland was scheduled to leave.
**Here is where the power of positive thinking proves positive. I started lighting candles and for each and every wick I lighted I said "the flight in LaGuardia WILL wait for Ann" I had to wait until the scheduled take off time for the Cleveland flight and then SUDDENLY... didn't that flight get delayed 1 hr 15 min.!!! enough time for Ann to get in, switch concourses and get to that gate. PHEW. turns out the delay in LaGuardia to Cleveland was not for weather but some slight mechanical problem that suddenly occurred :) amazing. by the time Ann showed up, the mechancal problem was fixed and off they went. It was very important for her to get home last night so she could go see the Cleveland Browns play live at the stadium. turns out she and her friends had to sit in a blizzard, but they had a blast anyway.

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Janet said...

The power of positive thinking comes through again! Glad she made it home at last and I hope she enjoyed the game even if it was in a blizzard!