Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vista --- ick

so far Vista has not made a very good impression with me. I can't use my MICROSOFT Picture It! 2001 - won't run it. I can't listen to .wav sound bites on websites - vista has so much internal security, it won't let me play them before I download them. I could go on but I'll just make myself more pissed. well, I'm going to take my old worn out PC into the GEEK squad and see if they can get the old gal up and running. maybe I'll just have two computers until enough people complain to microsoft so they fix a few of their 'issues'. I refuse to let anyone control me by keeping me angry. it's not that important.
A laptop is not a desktop, I'll just learn to love my laptop for what it is.

On to happier adventures tomorrow. good night world.

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KaiBlueCreations said...

microsoft is evil, run Linux untumbo as an OS and you'll be a million percent happier.
Thank you for your sweet words on my bloggie blog..
peace, Kai xx