Saturday, July 28, 2007

2 and a half MONTHS!

I needed to step away from the computer. I didn't realize I would be gone so long. I've been enjoying the warm weather and playing in my flower, herb and veggie gardens. They're small but cute and I love my plants. When I sit down at the computer I lose track of time. I get swallowed up in a vaccuum, a black hole. Hours later I surface and realize I've lost hours of good weather. I still want to stay in touch, but for the summer, my blogging might be only on weekends or rainy days. Today is a rainy day so before I start cleaning I thought I'd catch up.

My family went to the Outer Banks - Nags Head, NC the second week in July. We rented a beach house on the ocean. The view was excellent, every morning the dolphins would swim past. The pelicans would give us an air show just as good as the blue angels. Living in a house for a week with 12 other members of your close family can get very uncomfortable if a few people don't get along. To put it mildly, my sister-in-law does not like me. She did everything she could to keep me uncomfortable. I have vowed to not spend another week in a house with my brother and his wife. My brother was great - he did his best to ignore her moodiness and keep peace with me. Enough of wasting my time on her. For the rest I had a blast with my sister, one more aside - for everything we did for the first few days, we invited my sister in law to join us - she would turn her head away and refuse. So we proceeded to have fun without her - which really pissed her off. We built huge sandcastles, took long walks along the beach, romped in the ocean and played games with the kids. I envy the families that don't have to deal with rudeness while enjoying a week at the beach, it could have been so much more relaxing. By the time I got home, my face was broken out from stress. I super-imposed our pics in there just for fun.

I've been contemplating becoming a vegan and I'm going to try it for one month starting today. No meat - no dairy - no white flour. I'll get plenty of protein from tofu, soy and protein powder (in my fruit smoothies) and I'll take a B12 supp every day. It will be tough for G because he loves meat. We can always through a steak on the grill for him so he shouldn't have to suffer too much.
It's time to go sit with the birds on the patio and smell the morning air and my coffee. Hope your all having a wonderful summer.