Monday, April 23, 2007

The wrong way

This is the wrong way to lose weight. But DQ sundaes are sooooo good. and their blizzards. I worked hard all week, strength training and cardio. a girl has got to have a treat once in awhile or you could end up completely falling off the fitness wagon. I got my fill, now I can happily go back to the torture chamber in the morning. I'm planning on another spinning class this week too.

I just finished watching 'The Pursuit of Happiness' with Will Smith. I almost couldn't finish watching it. I read the DVD cover so I knew it turned out good in the end, but it was such a sad movie to watch. My heart broke for that little boy and all the struggles father and son went through. I usually go for comedy and romance and leave the struggle movie alone. I thought if Will S. was in it maybe it would be a fun movie. His acting was excellent in this, but I only recommend it to those who like to watch sad movies.

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Sacred Suzie said...

I thoroughly believe in indulging in food every now and then!

I don't think I can watch that movie, my heart breaks so easily.