Thursday, April 12, 2007

A day in the life

Alarm goes off at 5:20 - get out of bed at 5:30, brush, dress and dash out the door. Breakfast and Lunch were packed the night before so I can control what I'm eating. I'm off to the gym - I get there by 6:00. It a nice place - lots of machines - today I warmed up on an elliptical then did a circuit of arm workouts until I couldn't lift my arms to scratch my head - no time for a cool down on the treadmill today. 45 min of exercise and I'm off to the showers, I bring my flipflops for the shower - they supply the towels, showers have shampoo, conditioner and liqid bath soap. Keep moving, dry off, dress, hair and a light touch of makeup and I'm out the door by 7:30 and get to work at exactly the same time as if I had slept in. BUT I'm feeling better for it-- I really am. I used to think it was just talk, but a morning workout energizes my work day. My plan - get up early 4 x's week for morning strength training. I'll do my cardio after work 3 x's week. My goal - keep it up for a year. The toughest time will be in the summer, we do a lot of bike riding so cardio is not an issue, going inside for strength will take motivation.


judie said...

A perfect start to any day! Hope you can keep it up. I remember when I used to have the energy to do this. UGOGIRL!!

Pam Aries said...

VeryyyGOOD! That's the way to do it! I need to follow suit! How's every thing else going????

Sheila said...

Hi, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment..!
I admire your resolve. I have an unused gym membership, it calls my name, but motivation is lacking..!
I hope you stick to your routine, I know it makes a huge difference.