Saturday, March 24, 2007

When I visited my daughter in Phoenix last month we went to a pottery shop and painted. I had to leave before they could fire the greenware so she brought it home to me. I had an idea of how it would turn out but you can't tell the true colors until the paint is fired. Here is what I did. I used a snowflake on the front because my jewelry craft is named 'Snowflake Arts'. I just love these colors.

On the side view, you can see I decorated with swirlies and dots down the handle. I changed the color on the inside and put a row of dots inside also to keep it whimsical.AND it works. it holds coffee !

My forsythia are finally starting to bud. It's a sure sign of spring for us here in Ohio. I'm envious of those that are already enjoying their cherry blossoms and spring flowers. I can't wait.

My tulips are also waking up. Last fall Gary planted some tulips in my veggie garden. We'll dig the bulbs when it's warm enough to plant the veggies - the flowers will be long gone by then. You can see behind the tulip, I have some wild mint creeping in. I really like the spark that mint adds to cooking. Some like it - some don't.

If you look in the center of this last photo, you will see my alarm clock. This little guy insisted on singing by my bedroom window this morning. I gotta admit - it's a wonderful way to wake up.


lila said...

Very festive coffee cup! I know you will enjoy using it!
I wish I had forsythia...but I look at it all over town right now, so that's the next best thing!
Spring is here!

judie said...

Your cup is wonderful! Betcha it's your fav cuppa now! I love waking up to songbirds. It's mockingbird mating season now, and sometimes they sing all night long til they find a mate. I don't care. They sound beautiful. And sometimes I wake up to Doves hooting. It's all great!

Sacred Suzie said...

The mug is stunning! It's so true that you really don't know how something is going to turn out until it's fired when it comes to colours. You did great. Beautiful spring photos too!

Naturegirl said...

I Love your mug! I'm heading for Arizona in Apr. to visit granchildren! How nice for you to have Spring we had snow up until Monday! It has been warmer and the gardens are finally showing some growth! hugs NG

Bejeweled said...

What an absolutely charming mug! It is fun to see how they change in the firing, isn't it?

LisaOceandreamer said...

I'm way behind and started commenting from the top. This is such a wonderful mug you painted. I love pottery and wish I knew how to actually make my own mugs from a lump of clay.