Saturday, March 17, 2007

A package

There was a package waiting for me when I came home yesterday! Well 3 packages actually, but the funnest was from Rebecca of Thrifty Goodness.

She sent some lovely vintage fabrics, a hotplate, an apron, a towel, pillow cases and cloth napkins, some with lovingly made hand stitching. Look at that, I'm seeing those blues and greens coming back big time now! Very retro, Very fun, very sweet. thank you Rebecca!

Have we had enough yet! I woke up this morning looking at white again. We have flowers popping out of the dirt and we still get snow. WHAT HAPPENED TO GLOBAL WARMING!
MARCH 21 is coming soon!!!! My daughter is flying in all the way from Phoenix to help me pick the winner for the OneWorldOneHeart giveaway! Well, she's coming in for a fun visit and I've volunteered her to help me get all the names written down on paper and her hand will draw the winner.
She's already been complaining about the 90+ degrees days they have out there. She'll really have something to complain about when she gets here. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. In fact home looks pretty good usually when you get to the other side. -- OH -- maybe I should listen to my own preaching for once. I'm looking at the green grass on the other side too. Guess I'll just enjoy what I have and leave well enough alone!
We are going up to Canada for a girl trip Sun - Tues so I won't be blogging. Anne my daughter, my sis and myself - up to Toronto for a night, then a night in Niagara Falls on the way home. See you in a few days.


Pam Aries said...

SNOW??? Actually it is very chilly here this morning! brrr. i went out to walk the dog and hadda come back for a sweater! Have a great time In Niagara! I was there in the early 80's on a trip!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I'm always so amazed to hear about snow like that as it's something we NEVER get here in my area. We even had some 80 degree days last week. I am ready for spring temps though, low 70's and a little breeze makes me the most happy.
Enjoy your trip!!! How fun you'll have a giveaway assistant!

Janet said...

What a fun package! I, too, love all the blues and greens. I'm just amazed that you're still having snow. We have been in the 80's all last week but this week it's cooler. Your trip to Canada sounds like fun. Enjoy!!

stephanie said...

Good morning, You won the One World One HeART giveaway at my site!! Please send me your shipping information and I'll send it off to you.

Anna said...

Hello, lovely lady,
Just to let you know you now have somewhere to display your atc's!! Yes, you WON my Spring Giveaway...
Stop by my blog and enjoy the moment :o)
And please send your mailing address to me at the email address listed in my blog profile!
CONGRATULATIONS from sunny, Spring-drenched Grantham, UK!!!!