Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's been such a fun giveaway. the anticipation was soooo exciting. My daughter is in town visiting from Phoenix, so I had a guest helper. My camera wasn't working good tonight- my flash wouldn't work so I used my candlelight setting.

First she cut out lots and lots of names, then insisted they all get folded the same.

We put them all together in a pretty little basket.

Then she reached up and picked not one but two names!

Two lovely ladies won this evening. Here they are.....

and here is what they won....
Sandy won the book thong and keychain to the left. Leigh Ann won the book thong to the right. and they will both receive another trinket I made for them, danglies - some use them on cell phones, others use them for scissors, I use mine on my work planner, my sis uses it for her purse zipper pull. Enjoy ladies!
Thanks to Lisa for being such a lovely hostess and thanks to everyone for entering my drawing!! I've had a lot of fun, it sure helped me get through all those cold snowy days.

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Leigh Ann said...

Oh boy, what fun for me! Thank you, thank you.

Cheers! LA