Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Here I am in a hotel room in Albany, NY. I can't download my pictures from my camera to my laptop because it won't install the download drivers. The training class is going great but hotel living isn't very exciting. I get up at 6:00 to get to the fitness room before the two treadmills get filled. then it's off to the training class. Afterwards a quick meal and then what.... I went to Borders after dinner tonight, but I did't want to buy anything because there is no room in my suitcase to pack anything else. so... back to the tiny room, turn on the tube. On the good side, I get back and there's clean towels waiting for me and the bed is made. There's fresh coffee waiting to be brewed and I haven't had to wash any dishes.


Janet said...

Hotel living isn't always exciting but I also like the not washing dishes part!
I'm not sure I could go to Borders and not buy anything! You must have discipline....not even a magazine!!

Sandy McTier said...

Hi Diana,
I got my goodies today! Will post them on my blog today ~ thank you so very much I have already put the thong in my book and plan to use my danglies on my purse zipper.

Thank you!

judie said...

I love staying in hotels. Having my bed made. Not having to cook. You know!

Mary Timme said...

We used to travel with 2 children and 2 cats. Try staying in a room for 2 weeks while waiting to get housing in a boom town that way! Not fun. It is a pretty boring way to live though! I'm sorry you have to do it, but you're looking at the flip side and that is good.

Sara said...

Hi, I thought I would take the opportunity to do the CAC Meet Someone New and decided to pick your blog at random.

I really enjoyed reading about you and we seem to share quite a few things. One, my daughter lives in the Phoenix area - Chandler to be exact.

I love books, knitting, and am learning how to work with beads...I am also a quilter and use beads at times for embellishments.

It was nice to read your blog and I think I'll add you to my blog lines as it looks like we share quite a bit.

Hope your business trip is fun - and that you have a safe trip home.

Pam Aries said...

Hi ! Hey..clean towels and the bed is made! That's more than I evcr wished for! ha! (uh..I NEVER make my bed..confession!) We had the bridge run here today! You should come do it one year!