Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Home sweet home

This was a fun bracelet to make. I love the color in it! Sometimes I like my work so much it's hard to take it to the consignment shop and turn it in. then when it sells, I feel bad that I didn't keep it for my self. I always say I can make another, but I usually don't make exactly 2 of the same piece. something changes. That's why I named my work - Snowflake Arts.

I worked from home today. Here is my home office. On the left is the desk I use for 'work'. I set up my laptop there and just dial-in (we have cable. dial-in is just a figure of speech) on the right is my play desk. Here is where I blog and surf.

This is a closeup of my play desk. Yes, that's Barbie on the left - she's a paper doll keeping me company. My 25 year old daughter keeps asking me when I'll grow up. I don't see it happening anytime time soon. I'm too busy having fun.


Janet said...

Wow! Your desk area is so neat and tidy! Love the Barbie paper doll and I'm with you about the growing up....why do that when it's so much fun being a kid!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Stunning bracelet, I also love the colours! I love autumn colours very much. I rarely make the same thing twice, in fact, my crows pendants was the first time I have ever attempted to do such a thing. I prefer to make one-of-a-kind pieces, plus, I get bored easily and quickly!