Thursday, March 22, 2007


What a way to start Spring!!! Yesterday's OneWorld giveaway was so much fun. I won two prizes yesterday. Stephanie from RodrigvitzStyle drew my name for one of her darling wristlet purses and Anna from Anna's World drew my name for one of her ATC holders with 3 beautiful ATC's included. Thank you soooo much for drawing my name!

The rest of this month (what's left of it) is going to be very busy so I won't have time to do any more beadwork. I'm going to Albany, NY on a business trip all next week. I'll be able to keep up on my blog and all my blog hopping, it'll just put a cramp on my playtime beadwork. I will bring my camera, it'll make a fun travel log.

Gary and I have decided to join a Fitness Center. I love my treadmill - I'll still maintain that on the days I don't go to the Center, but we'll be able to include weight machines, swimming and Raquet Ball. not sure how to spell it, but we both like to play it. Hopefully it'll help motivate us to get stronger and healthier. If it doesn't work, we just won't sign up again and I'll go back to my treadmill and workout tapes.

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Pam Aries said...

hooty hooo! Have some fun in Albany!...I am getting ready to join Eco fitness Gym .. My Nia instructor is going there so I pretty much have to! ha! ..It is actually less than the Nia Classes by they have Salsa,,and yoga and all kinds of stuff....Plus the gym just opened u pright aaround the corner within short walking distance!