Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Breathing down my back

Spring is coming, it's almost hear. I can feel it breathing down my back. Even if I did wake up with another 4 inches of snow on my driveway!! So I'm more determined than before to get in shape for the races coming up. We are signed up for the Cleveland Rite Aid 10k - Thousands of people show up in Cleveland for this since it also include a full 26k run- I'm not that strong. We are also training for a mini-triathlon so we're still swimming twice /week. However.... I won't do the swim race in a lake - only in a pool -- so if we don't find a mini-triathlon that has a pool, I'll step down to a bi-athlon, just the run/bike race. That'll be just as much fun for me. It still means more training anyway I look at it. so today it was a 1/2 hr run and 1/2 on the stationery bike, with situps and crunches. No rest for the wicked!

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ShoezyCakes said...

If you're ever in the Chicago area, the Danskin Triathalon in Naperville is done at Centennial Beach (which is actually a giant pool) Very cute jewelry, love the bracelet!!