Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Working my way up

There is a group of artists (Finding Water) that have committed to a 12 week study that will help enrich their creativity. I envy their ability to commit - I am on the verge of joining and yet I just can't do it. it's a big commitment that I would take seriously and then feel awful if I dropped out. They will work and struggle and come out glorious on the other side - I wish them all good luck and fun.

Happy Fat Tuesday to all! I celebrated the day with a margarita before dinner. We took an excellent picture of a huge green drink but managed to delete it before I could get it on my blog. Any way, I've had my alcohol, came home and had a couple pieces of dark chocolate and tomorrow starts a time of mending and building.

Ever since I came home from my Phoenix weekend visit, I've been slacking on the health foods. I've eaten a lot of junk in the last two weeks and I can already feel the difference. I've had little nagging headaches, stuffy nose and a feeling of laziness. It's not the flu - I'm not sick. Just feeling the sludge that I've put into my body.

I'm going back to Marilu Henner's plan that I did in January. After one week I started feeling clean inside and had more vitality, vim and vigor. I miss that healthy feeling. I don't even like meat, yet I shrug and eat it when it's placed in front of me - how irresponsible. It's time to be more self-caring.

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Janet said...

I thought about joining the Finding Water group, too but I have enough on my plate right now.

I know exactly what you mean about feeling the sludge. When I slip up and eat junk food I feel it almost immediately. It's good that you recognize it....many people don't.