Sunday, February 25, 2007

A sense of energy

There's a rippling of energy in the air. I can feel it. inside. my shoulders, arms, tummy - anticipation. excitement. Is it just my senses preparing for spring. I don't know. yesterday while standing in the kitchen creating my grocery list, I stopped and turned to Gary and said "I feel like pizza tonight - does pizza sound ok to you?" 30 seconds/maybe 1 min. later my phone rings and my sister asks if we'd like to join them for pizza tonight. I am a receiver. Whatever it is, it feels good.


Naturegirl said...

I feel your posative energy all the way from here! I've had the same happen just when you think of something it appears!
I was driving along on a Florda highway recently and felt something is NOT right...pulled over and I had a blowout on one tire!I am safe.. car tire repaired.. the angels were with me!Amazing though when the energy is so strong within and one can feel it.Come to the beach with me and warm up!hugs NG

Janet said...

I hope you're warmer now and your furnace is working again.

When those inner feelings happen like that I think it's wonderful. I wish we could all become more aware of those instincts and the inner voice and be more in tune with what's happening all around us.

Pam Aries said...

THat is the Law of Attraction! Thoughts become things! You just experienced it! Congratulations! ..Read "The Secret"! hee hee

Christiane said...

Congratulations on your energy! I love the star graphic, it is so cool!