Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oatmeal vs. oatmeal

I woke this morning with a taste for some hot, stick to the ribs, good for me oatmeal. Sadly, my favorite kind, steel-cut oats, didn't have enough in the tub to make a pot, so I decided to cook what we had - Gary's favorite - quick cooking, one minute, old fashioned oats (I like them for making cookies).

It looks like shaved sawdust in the tub and when I cooked it up it looked like cooked sawdust. I couldn't do it, I couldn't eat it. Steel-cut oats have great flavor and a wonderful consistency. I couldn't do plain mush, not even for a day.

So I opted for some cold cereal swimming in soy milk. Probably not as good for me, but my mouth was happier. Time to go shopping - the cupboards are getting bare.


wendy said...

Stay warm, and cosyxxx

Pam Aries said...

I love oats! When I was little my friends and I pretended we were horse , and ate dry oats right out of the box !

Laume said...

I say bleh to the one-minute kind too. But I have the old fashioned flake oats - never tried the steel cut - uhm, by that you mean the Scottish oats kind? Or, hmmm, no? Have you ever tried any of the other hot cereals - like a multi-grain or Bear Mush or Cream of Rice (brown, of course) - YUM! I love hot cereals.

Janet said...

I love steel-cut oats, too and have them almost every morning with a little vanilla Silk. I never get tired of them.