Thursday, February 15, 2007

Looking to spring

Long winter days and short sun time is really hard on a body. As I hop along my favorite reads, I hear so many of them feeling run down and struggling to be their happy selves.

In an effort to fight off the dole-drums I have upped my fruit intake and I've also started taking sub-lingual (sp?) vitamin B-12. I hope you all feel better out there - keep exercising! and eat fresh! everyday try to have some greens and beans. it's very, very important. and don't forget the cure-all CHOCOLATE. DARK CHOCOLATE (yum) is also very, very good for you. 1 small ounce/day and you'll feel better and have something to look forward to. It works for me anyway :)

I've starting working on my Spring season jewelry. I'm working with pastels this season, which is very different for me, but I feel drawn to it right now. Pale aqua's, pale mint greens, lavenders and lt blues. Here's one, I'll post more another day - the lighting was awful when I took the last set of pictures - even my white paper background looks pink. All the colors of my jewelry are slightly off in the photos, this one came out the best.

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