Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Great Day

What a great day I've had!

It started off with a package arriving from RaNae, my pink and brown swap buddy. What wonderful things RaNae can create with her own hands! She knitted an absolutely beautiful, soft, warm scarf - it'll come in handy in our cold Ohio winters. Plus some pretty crocheted 'dishcloths'. RaNae - these are way to pretty to use as dishcloths. Maybe I'll use them to set my teapots on. Plus some hair clips and ponytail bands AND some BEADS!
thank you so much RaNae - it's all wonderful.
THEN - I went to check my email a bit later and checked my blog while I was at it and MrsNesbitt had left me a note to say I won a prize for being close the the 13,000th visitor on her site!! YEAH! lucky 13 for me!


Allotment Lady said...

You certainly have had a great day - well done you.

Love you blog and will be back for sure!

I have got lots of catching up reading to do here.

Janet said...

That is a beautiful scarf. You are a lucky gal, it seems!

Pam Aries said...

oooohh... how fun! AND you won Mrs. Nesbitt's Prize! AND..I haven't mailed your winning Valentine! Oh Lord, I am sorry! I thought I had mailed it. tonight I saw it sitting on a table where I must have put it down! I am so embarrassed! I WILL mail it in the morning! geeeeze.