Thursday, February 01, 2007

Drawing fun

I've had so much fun tonight. I was thinking it was like an adult version of Trick or Treat - but the Speckled Egg had a more apt definition - it's like a treasure hunt! First I started out at Janet's Just bee-cause site and found her Valentine give away. Then I went to Art Tea Life and found a whole list of fellow bloggites having valentine giveaways. It's a wonderful way to find so many talented artist sites out there in blog land. I want to link to them all, but if I list them all I'd never get through my list every day! It's so fun getting lost in the blogs for an evening. much more fun than watching TV!


Jill said...

isn't it just so much fun!!??? I have had a ball visiting and entering my name! Stop by my site to see what I am offering!
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Longstocking! I put you in the drawing! It is nice to meet you! See you agtain soon! Thanks! Pam Aries....Art and Soul

Janet said...

Blogging is so much more fun than tv!! I can lose hours just visiting blogs and commenting. Love it!!