Saturday, February 24, 2007


This is the thermometer in our kitchen. It reads outside 8.8 degrees and INSIDE 48.4. Last night just as we were getting ready for bed we noticed it was a bit cold in the house. Gary checked the furnace and saw a little red light blinking on it. Too late to call the furnace man so I put an extra blanket on the bed and slept in my long johns, tops and bottoms with my wool hiking socks. I stayed comfy warm while I slept. gettting out of bed was torture! I'm going to have to keep moving today to stay warm so I guess the house will get tidied up - maybe even my loft.
Blackie the Crow sits on my craft table and watches me closely. He was a gift about 6 yrs ago. I think it was supposed to be one of those 'weird' gifts but it was love at first site. you can't tell in the picture but he's life size. 8" tall, 14" long, 15" around his belly. He's been around so long, his feathers are molting - I don't think I can fix that.

This is my loft again - ceiling views. You can see my pegboard loaded up with beads - some are finished goodies, some are strings of beads waiting to be loved. Those are seagulls flying around above.

I love my birds.

This is my other desk in the loft. I use it for paper work and some small painting projects. I've got cups of paint brushes, watercolors and colored pencils. That black thing is a jewelry display card. Hanging from the ceiling are hummingbirds and butterflies.


Janet said...

That is so cool! I love all the birds soaring above your head and the butterflies and hummingbirds by the window are just perfect. That is an amazing studio! I'm sure it's inspiring to work there.

Suzie said...

I hope you manage to warm up your home soon, we were crushed by windstorms last year and lost power over and over again.

I love the birds and Blackie is stunning. What an amazing home you have!

Pam Aries said...

Brrrr... It is perfectly gorgeous here today! THe sun is shining ...Azaleas are blooming ...ahhh! (never fear...I will be moanin baout the HEAT and humidity again come April! He y...I love Crows! My and my cyber pals are compiling a Crow chunky book!I have a crow like that too! judie Macawhead sent it to me! Yay! synCROWnicity!