Tuesday, January 09, 2007


My scale broke just before Christmas, so after Christmas I returned a gift I couldn't use and instead purchase a new scale. This one displays my weight with AND body fat % and body water %. I like it. It's telling me to drink more water - and it's right. I really have been lax on my water intake. So I resolve to drink more water in '07. I have a plan. I will make some stretchy bracelets in pretty colors and place 4 of them on my left hand wrist. Every time I drink 8 oz I will move a bracelet from my left hand to my right hand. when I have 4 on my right on will start moving them back to my left hand. The object is to get all the bracelets back over to my left hand. It's an easy way to keep count. The tracking on the right is helping me keep to my resolutions so I will add my daily water count to it.

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