Monday, January 22, 2007

Trader Joe

These blueberries from Trader Joes were a wonderful surprise. The picture on the bag makes them look like tiny blueberries but when I poured some into my cereal bowl I found great big juicy ones! They are frozen and I haven't poured any soy milk over my cereal yet so I could show their size. Once they defrosted in the soy milk, making my milk even colder - yum - they had a great blueberry taste. I use them in my oatmeal too instead of raisons. And the cost at Trader Joes is very easy to swallow. I love Trader Joes - and I even have to drive 30 min. instead of 5 min. to my local grocery. I wrote to Trader Joes last week and asked if they would please open a store closer to where I live so I wouldn't have to drive so far - I hope they do!


RaNae said...

Hey there girlfriend I sent you an email and I started an aditional healthy blog u can check out by going to mine I created a short post with the link to it.
ttys R

RaNae said...

woops forgot to say those blueberries look scrumptious and I'll have to look trader joes up on the net to see what that is.