Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thursday Photo Day

This is my entry for Thursday Photo Day .
The entry is for :
Sustenance: Something that gives support, endurance, or strength.
Think about something that keeps you going. Something that sustains you. Or something that sustains someone else.
Join in - adventure through life.


Jessie said...

The list for the Create a Connection Mug Swap will be posted tomorrow (Monday)--don't forget to check the list! :)

I'm glad you're participating!

CARLA said...

Hi Diana!
I get to send you a mug in the MUG SWAP!!!!!(from CaC) I love the look so vibrant and alive! You have to tell me who sparked your interest in living foods...I have dreamed of running a marathon, so my luck to find you:) You are an inspiration as I have been detoxing and have been contemplating the next step!! Please email your mailing address to: Also, could you add your favorites...colors, interests,etc. that may not be reflected in your blog. Thank you, I can't wait to hear from you, Diana!