Saturday, January 27, 2007

Road block

My foot was bothering me this week, so I went to the foot doctor yesterday. I left his office an hour later with 2 stitches in my toe. I had a bone of one toe rubbing against the bone of another in such a way to cause me great pain when I wore 'office' shoes. My foot did not hurt in running shoes. So he cut into a toe and shaved down a bone to stop the rubbing. So now I'm out of commission for exercising for at least one week. He said to take it easy until the stitches come out. The only I've come up with is that I can still do my weights and pilates roll ups and crunches. I just hate to lose the fitness momentum I was building with increasing my running endurance. One week off can slow me down a bit, if he says to take a second week off of running it'll mean back to the beginning for me. It always amazes me how fast the muscles lose their strength.

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