Thursday, January 25, 2007

A little at a time

Did swimming practice today. I'm starting to figure out the breathing technique. I actually was able to do 1 full lap breathing correctly. Well, not totally correctly probably, but I didn't have to stop for air this time. This time I worked at taking a breath for every other stroke - always my right side. It works better than waiting for two strokes before breathing - I kept running out of breath that way. practice, practice, practice. I see a little improvement every time. I mean it really is a little, but it's still improvement. maybe one day it will all just come together and work right.

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RaNae said...

Diana it will all come together and work right just keep plugging away like you said improvement is improvement no matter how small. I heard Rachel say on one of her cooking shows recently that she is on the natural foods diet herself... wtg Raechel Eat Fresh.