Thursday, January 11, 2007

Got my pilates workout done today. It's so easy I can't believe I'm getting any benefit from it. The only part that feels any workout is my tummy and I can do that by just doing sit ups or crunches. I don't need all those fancy pilates moves if that's all the benefit I get out of it. I'll keep it on my once a week rotation for a while longer then I'll decide if it stays or goes.

It is freezing here in Cleveland, OH. Every other year or so my family gets together for beach house week at the Outer Banks, NC. So we are frantically trying to find the best house we can for our one week stay. we want an oceanfront house. we had one two years ago and it was wonderful. it's hard to go back to anything less than oceanfront. I love getting up in the morning. making coffee and watching the sun rise over the ocean. Then I go for a short run down the beach and back, hop on my bike and do a short ride down the sidewalk. by the time I get back everyone is up and moving. I'm the early riser in the family. I love the peace and quiet of early mornings. and my coffee.

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