Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good as butter

I love this stuff. I was a bit hesitant about dropping dairy from my meal plans, but I'm finding some absolutely delicious replacements. I found Soy Garden butter spread in the organic foods refrigeration section of my Giant Eagle grocery store. It was great on my whole grain english muffin and just as good on my steamed brussel sprouts. It actually has a smooth butter feel and taste.

We went swimming last night to practice our laps for our mini triathlon. the people on TV make it look so easy and seamless to swim laps. I am struggling trying to get my breathing correct so I can just finish a complete length without stopping for air!! From here on, anytime I see a true swimmer I will give them a nod of respect. and by the time I finally finish 8 laps (1/4 mi) my arms and legs are aching too! I can't wait until this starts to get easier. I figure about 2 months of practice / we go twice a week and i should be able to at least complete 1 full lap with proper breathing. HA.

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Rebecca said...

Hello! Thanks for signing up for the pink and brown swap. Send me your email and we'll get you signed up with a partner. Welcome!

Good luck with dropping dairy. A runner friend of mine did it and she said it was so hard because she loves cheese. :)