Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Buying power

There are two purchases I'm contemplating. I don't need either one but they're at the top of my goodies wish list.
1. a heart rate monitor that downloads data to the computer so you can see the graphics and track your workouts. The one I'm coveting is like the one that Dawn on the run uses on her site. The only thing I've picked up about it is that it's a Garmin. I've got to start researching the new heart rate monitors to see what's out there. Mine is a Polar, but it's a pretty basic one. Might be time to upgrade.
2. a new camera. one of those small, slimmer versions that I can wear on a lanyard when I'm out bike riding. I'm gonna research those too.

Well, my 30 day Marilu Henner Total Makeover is completed. I feel great. I don't feel any need to cook a side of beef either! don't miss the heavy meat eater feeling. My body doesn't process meat that easily anyway. So I'm going to continue eating fresh for awhile longer. There are sooo many good cookbooks and recipes for vegans and vegatarians out there now, it seems unnecessary to eat products injected with anitbiotics and growth hormones. Who knows what that stuff can do to a body! Eat Fresh!!


Janet said...

Good for you! I don't miss meat at all. I like my fruits and veggies, some soy products and an occasional piece of fish. I feel much better when I eat this way.

I am also in the market for a new camera but still have to do more research to see which one I want.

Laume said...

Nothing to do with your post but I didn't know how else to contact you - no e-mail link, alas, my blog doesn't either.

But thanks for the mystery book suggestions. I've heard of the Aunt Dimity books forever, gonna have to get me one of those. I've never heard of Donna Andrews before but checked her website and she looks hysterical!